Mark band Sanders


In the ever-expanding world of modern rock music there are very few truly unique musical voices; Mark Sanders is one of them. Backed by some of the most talented young players in Toronto Mark crafts hard-rocking, expansive psychedelic rock songs that can switch from gorgeous americana-inspired melodies to jarring gut-busting rhythms at the drop of a hat. After completing his music degree at Humber College Mark cut his teeth performing in several Toronto-based bands (The Cosmic Eye, Bodice, New Teeth) and in a wide variety of styles from jazz to hard rock, even opening for Gregg Allman at the Kitchener Blues Festival in 2013. Now, striking out on his own, Mark Sanders is making a name for himself as one of the most original and interesting songwriters in Toronto. His new project "Mark Band Sanders" touches on all the staples of Sanders' music while also covering new ground. With influences that range from Frank Zappa to Ornette Coleman, from Pink Floyd to The Strokes, MBS is the epitome of psychedelic rock: interesting, involved and unexpectedly beautiful music that, when played live, can make even the biggest skeptic nod along. The band's explosive live show isn't one to be missed, with their onstage antics and dance-heavy material MBS is making a name for themselves as one of Toronto's best new bands.


Their debut album “Call Me Lucky” (May 2016), is a true labour of love that was captured, mixed and produced by the band giving it a truly organic feel. Recorded at a cottage near Nappanee and Mark’s apartment, the album is a dense patchwork of semi-autobiographical songs encompassing the ups and downs of life as Mark. With songs that range from the synth-drenched rock ballad “Drank Your Beer” (Co-Written by The Fast Romantics’ Kirty Scholte) to the Prince inspired disco jam “It’s A Shame”, Call Me Lucky is a sonic trip through the engaging, eclectic, musical mind of Mark Sanders. MBS is currently working on their second album in the studio and can be seen touring around eastern Canada.