Just checking in...

Hey guys we've been hard at work on album #2- and we've decided to get out of our dusty old medieval style dungeon/studio to hit the road for 3 shows.

KITCHENER MONTREAL OTTAWA- WERE COMING FOR YOU!!! Check the gigs section for more info!!

We'll be hibernating for the rest of the winter to finish the record, til then, stay freaky <3

State of the BAND Address

The boys are back in town. After a brief hibernation, were back. Thanks to everyone who came out to the first run of shows for "Call Me Lucky". We're happy to announce that info surrounding a new run of tour dates is imminent. New music is coming round the horn. It's too early to say when and how but a 2nd record is on the horizon. Once again MBS loves you and thanks you for your support. We'll be back soon with some very exciting announcements. Until then, peace love and rock and roll. <3